Welcome To iHubbub - The New Social Networking Site

iHubbub is a new and exciting social network for home and remote workers, freelance consultants and virtual contractors and home based businesses around the world. It is the place for the home working world to hang out!

It has been ever so exciting over the past few months developing and building this new site. If you are new to iHubbub, we are a social networking site for the home working world.

Have you noticed the 'Hubbub' when you listen to home workers networking?  

Virtual companies, freelance consultants, remote or mobile workers, home workers and home based businesses create an ‘excited fuss’ when they network and socialise with other business.

There is something so special about the energy and passion the home working revolution generates.

The very essence of this 'excited fuss' is the inspiration for iHubbub. Our social networking community is welcoming, encouraging, unassuming and above all supportive.

So, come in, leave your shoes at the shoes at the door, put your feet up and join us for a cuppa while you network amongst other home businesses trotting around the world.

Here's to iHubbub and all that we have to offer our members within the home working world.