Talking to The Times

Ken and I were thrilled to be invited to join The Times online for their Masterclass on how to work remotely.

We had all sorts of great things going on. The day started with Work how you like but not in your jim jams.

Well, you won't even know if we're still in our jim jams or not, thankfully, as there was no webcams involved in our online chat

We were really keen to get online and see the questions flowing in but before we got there, we read the lovely article in The Times on How to work effectively from home or on the move.

We were interviewed a week ago in London with Alan - check the video out as well, we were reminded of some funny times working from home, such as the dog barking when the postman called - while on the phone to a high-powered client!

Then James McCarthy from Market Touch popped over this image and had Ken and I in stitches. In case you're wondering what the pint of hot choccie is all about, whenever we get together and work remotely with James at a hotel - my order is normally the largest Hot Chocolate the place can muster.

Needless to say, James captured this perfectly in this shot below. Well done James!

Chatting to The Times with hot choccie in mind

Check out The Times Masterclass series:

We had great fun and enjoyed answering all the questions. Some very interesting thoughts and comments from The Times readers cropped up and we gunned our answers down the line with more comin' at us each minute.

As Kat said, crickey 2pm already. The hour whizzed by and we hope all The Times readers enjoyed chatting to us!

Do pop over some comments if you couldn't get your questions in the queue fast enough and we will happily answer them here.

Thanks again to The Times Masterclass series for small business owners for inviting us along to share in what turned out to be a fun day and very different from the norm!