Start Up develops technology for applications information.

In a world that has become so dependent on mobile applications and 'Business to go' it becomes a little overwhelming at times as to the right tools and applications to use for you and your Home Business.

According to a recent article on Chron.comQuixey and Chomp are two new Start Ups who provide the latest tools to help people search for the right apps. They sift through- not only the title and keyword data- but also reviews and ratings to specify the most compatible match for the users search.

Apps are big Business and a crucial part of a the 'Business to go' strategy. Juniper research predicts that the annual mobile downloads will hit 20 billion by 2014. The significance of such a development is also strengthened by a new category being created in the Juniper Awards for 'Future Mobile awards' which will be given to companies who "are poised to make considerable impact in the future". According to Dr Windsor Holden the Research Director for Juniper Research.  

In addition, another key developer in the Mobile Apps world is Tapulous who took the Juniper Silver award. 

Junipers research of the current and future Mobile applications market is based on interviews, case studies and analysis of leading organisations of the Industry. So the development of such technology, which takes the leg work out so the consumer no longer has to scour the web for the right apps for their Business or personal use, couldn't come at a better time.

With an estimated 30 billion mobile and tablet apps downloaded last year, Juniper predict a growth in revenue of close to $22 billion by 2016. Other research firms also predict massive growth within this market.

So how does your Business fare in all this? Is Mobile compatibility and the use of applications vital to your Business? or something you have yet to embrace.

Tell us your thoughts and views below.