Snowed in or Snowed Under?

Morning Bubs!

We must be in Blighty because yet again, snow hits parts of the UK and panic ensues.

We love a bit of snow at ihubbub because it doesn't slow us down. As long as we have an internet connection, all is good in the world.

Not for everyone though and it might not be the snow that has caused a stand-still in your work. Maybe you are feeling snowed under by how much you have to do and your motivation is dwindling..

Fret not mon amis!

If you have a hefty workload and just can't seem to get organised here's 3 simple steps to getting back on track.

1) Make a list.

Scrap paper, Word document, or fridge magnets will do, but get your tasks in a read-able format. It not only makes good business sense to have an 'to-do' list but it also helps regain focus. Plus, psychologically, crossing off, or deleting, your tasks will create a sense of achievement.


It's amazing how distracted we can get from the simplest of tasks, but we do. So rate your tasks or write them in priority order so you know where to start.

3) Don't stress over that you can't control.

If your delivery is stuck in snow or you spilt coffee on your iPad, there is no point in dwelling and being 'glass half empty' about it. Life can be random, and often things don't run smoothly. Customers DO understand these things. Worrying is counter productive so use the time to achieve something else you may have been putting off.

Failing all that. Go and put the kettle on and watch a funny animal video on YouTube. That will at least brighten your day and make you feel more positive.

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