A New Direct Sales Company Shares Up To 50% of Its Daily Revenue With Affilaites

GoFun Places and GoFun Rewards is breaking MLM records, solely because of their unique products that helps consumers save money on Travel, Lifestyle & Leisure products as well as their income opportunity, in which the company shares up to 50% of their daily commissionable sales volume with qualified affiliates.

In this article, I will explain their products in detail, as well as 2 parts of the Income Opportunity.

Starting with the Products. Go Fun Places have 3 amazing products, the Lifestyle Mall, Lifestyle Auction, and the Lifestyle Club Resort.

Lifestyle Mall
The GoFun Mall will consist of products related to Travel, Lifestyle & Leisure such as Jet Ski's, Healthy Coffee, Camping Equipment, Swimming Wear, Skin care Products, Weight Loss Products, Personal Development, Ladies Design Handbags, Designer Sun Glasses, the list goes on....

Lifestyle Auction

Lifestyle Club Resort
The Lifestyle Club Resort is one of GoFun Places premier products, in which users will be able to save up to 70% on 1, 2, & even 3 bedroom units on over 2000 resorts in 85 different locations worldwide.

No time shares presentations, no black out dates

What about this unique twist?

Lifestyle Dollar
The company has a very unique twist by the name of Lifestyle Dollars. We as affiliates purchase lifestyle dollars from the company and then give them away to customers as an invitation to visit our customer portal. (Lifestyle Mall, Lifestyle Auction, Lifestyle Club Resort)

As we give away our Lifestyle Dollars, the company will reward us with reward credits. What makes this unique, is the fact that our customers can use these Lifestyle Dollars to offset the cost of products listed within our customer portal and still generate revenue for the company. The more revenue the company generates daily, the better for affiliates, as this simply means the company could share more rewards with those active affiliates that qualify. Here shortly you'll understand why and how earning reward credits can dictate the amount of income you can generate with company.

Lets Do A Real Time Example On Giving Away Lifestyle Dollar

You gave a customer (In this example: Brian) access to your resort booking engine, in which he would get to navigate through in search of a great deal on a luxury resort.

Lets assume Brain wants to take a winter vacation to Florida.

Brain see' s a vacation for $599 which has an average market price at $1,499, noticing the huge discount, Brain books that particular vacation. Keep in mind, we initially gave Brain $200 Lifestyle Dollars that he can use to create further savings on that particular vacation. Brain apply the $200 Lifestyle dollars towards that price point, which would offset the cost, taking it down to $399. Brain pays $399 for a 8 day and 7 night stay for a luxury resort in Florida, that normally runs for $1,499. Since you gave Brian $200 Lifestyle Dollars, the company would reward you with 200 reward credits.

In short, Brains happy, your happy and the company is happy. Everybody wins.

Note: There will be products in the mall that customers will be able to find at some of the most popular stores in the world, at the same price point, but they will be able to apply lifestyle dollars to offset the cost.

Income Opportunity

The company rewards affiliates for giving away Lifestyle Dollars, growing a customer base and bring on more affiliates to spread the word. Essentially we make money by giving away money.

Daily Business Builder Bonus Pool

The companies is going to put up to 50% of its daily commissionable sales volume into a pool and share it accordingly each and every single day with affiliates that qualify. Sounds cool, but what is commissionable sales volume?

Every time the company makes profits from the booking of cruises or another travel related service
Anytime the company makes profits from purchases that take place at the Lifestyle mall or auction
Anytime someone pays their monthly subscription (Keep in mind, their are hundreds of thousands of active affiliates within the company that's paying either $20, $50, or $100 a month for their subscription)
Anytime a PK package is purchased. ($15-$1,2500)

How does it work?

Lets say this particular evening the company generated half a million dollars.
The company shares 250,000 with qualified affiliates.

250,000 divided by the number in credits within the system (Company wide credits)

250,000 divided by 20 million credits for a RPC

100 x .0125 = 1.25
1000 x .0125= 12.5
10,000 .0125 = 125
100,000 x .0125 = 125 (Lifestyle Dollars)

Essentially, the more credits you have in your reward credit pool, the more Lifestyle Dollars you'll earn each day you qualify.

Affiliates qualify to earn from the daily business builder bonus pool by doing the following:

Being an active affiliate (Monthly Subscription, $20, $50, or $100)
Copying and placing an advertisement for the particular day that they want to earn from the rev. share.
Having at least 2 pay customers every 100 days
Having at least 1% Group sales volume

What Can We Do With Lifestyle Dollars?

There is 4 things that we can do with lifestyle dollars,
1.Convert up to 60% of our Lifestyle Dollars into commissions...
2.Cover your monthly subscription ($20,$50, $100)
3.Use your own lifestyle dollars to shop at the Auction, Mall and/or Resort Club.
4.Give your lifestyle dollars away. $1 Lifestyle Dollar... 1 Reward Credit

Credits have a 100 day life cycle

Ultimately, this is just one out of the 8 ways that affiliates can benefit from this amazing Income Opportunity. To learn more about the additional 7 ways that we earn as affiliates, consider our team website here: http://www.teamfunplaces.com, to watch a presentation that shares more details on the overall business model of GoFun Places and GoFun Rewards.

Overall, this company is looking like its going to be a winner in the next coming years, and many folks from all walks of life should benefit immensely from this opportunity.

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