Green Deals for Homes and Start Up opportunites.

Articles published this week on the Green Wise Business website looks at the Governments new programme to help home efficiency and what this means for business.



A new Government incentive for home owners is being launched in October 2012 to help create a 'greener' and more efficient household. The Green Deal is a programme introduced by Greg Barker- Climate Change Minister- to create the biggest home improvement scheme since the First World War and provides opportunity for SMEs.

The Programme encourages small/ medium business involvement in two ways.

Firstly the programme wants Green Deal providers to act as advisors and carry out building assessment and installation measures through either partnering bigger Green Deal providers, or by acting on their own behalf.

The GDFC (Green Deal Finance Company) is co-ordinated by Paul Davies as a not-for-profit mutual which is aiming to provide cheap loans for home owners wanting to improve their homes' efficiency. One consideration though is that the Green Deal providers will need to finance this themselves as the programme only offers financial assistance as part of the deal to domestic premises and Businesses.

Additionally the Green Deal programme also wants the small businesses to look at its own energy efficiency while additional incentives to maximise uptake are being considered. Future business summits are also being planned as a way to hear what challenges the businesses face.

One Start-Up on the right path is Sustainable Retrofit who have just won business with Brighton Media Centre. They are providing energy assessment and design solutions as well as on-going support to ensure the building maintains this over time. Which creates a long-term business relationship between the two.

The emerging UK Building Retrofit market is expected to grow from £200 to a £500 billion industry in the next forty years according to the Institute of Sustainability as the UK embarks on this huge task of insulating existing buildings. Therefore could provide a new opportunity for workers looking to side step out of the construction or building sectors. Although, not restricted to these sector workers as The Sector Skills Councils have formed the Green Skills Alliance to make sure training is made available to the appropriate work forces and young apprentices.

What this means for Home Businesses and Home Offices is a little unclear. However, future opportunities and Business events will hopefully begin to get some clarity on the matter.



Sources: The Green Wise Business Website