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Morning Bubs!

Do you fancy yourself as a Blogger? Do you have a blog already? or are you keen to start one and get people engaged with your brand, product or service.

What better way to help promote your Business than Blogging about it..

As you know we have a page on iHubbub where you can add a blog and get a converstation going about a hot topic, your business or even to ask advice or help. Blogs are a fanastic way to help 'humanise' your Brand. You can import your blog into various platforms which increases your online visibility, and it can help you connect to people and businesses.

It is also a great tool for conducting a little market research into what your customers and potential customers want. So here's our 3 easy steps to writing a blog.

1) Where do you want to blog.

There are many platforms where you can set up a blog now but give some thought as to which would target the right people for you and your Brand. Also consider how people can find your blog, this will help you decide where to blog from.

2) Ask questions to your audience.

Engage your blog readers by asking their views and opinions of the topic, and give them a reason to comment. A blog which has been +1'd or tweeted about will help your SEO and help build your Brand profile.

3) Give credit to Sources.

If you are telling your audience about stats or information you have found through another blogger or website, give them a mention or even better, send them an email. Not only will this heighten your visibility with the big boys, it's just good etiquette amoung Bloggers. NEVER use information from another source and claim it as your own. That is plagiarism and must be avoided at all costs.

Blogging need not take a big chunk of time on a day-to-day basis. If you plan out your weeks blogs in advance you can easily have it written in 15 minutes. Make sure you also use the other platforms to tell followers and friends that you have a new blog post, this will encourage them to 'check-in' with you and your Brand regularly providing the content is good.

So, have a go on our Blog Page and start humanising your Brand.

If you'd like to ask our bloggers any questions, please add a comment below.

Ciao for now!