Fun Friday!

If Twitter can do it so can we!

We have decided at iHubbub to make Fridays 'Fun Fridays'.We think after a long old slog at the Home Office, Fridays should be about finding the fun!

After seeing this on FaceBook earlier in the week and sharing with our friends, the reaction to it was immense! So we thought we'd send it out to all our members and visitors and see what happens.

So you've seen the picture, it's very self-explanatory. We'd like you to 'tweet' us with the hashtag #funfriday and your answer.

Alternatively, if you don't use Twitter we can also be found on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Or you can tell us here and share your answer with your friends.

We'll be tweeting about and posting the picture on the platforms so get involved and tell us A or B... simples!

So get voting, and we'll announce the results next week.

Have a Fun Friday!

The iHubbub team.