Feel good after a short break

How long can you stay in the feel good zone after a short break?

I recon the answer to the above is about 30 minutes tops.

Following a fabulous four days in the Lake District I got back to our home business at about 4pm today. By 5 there were server problems to sort, a ton of emails to go through (I went through them several times whilst on the break) and phone messages to sort.

Holiday? What holiday?!

The trick is to keep cool, dial down the frustration button, plan the next 24 hours carefully, get a good night's sleep and jump to it tomorrow!

If there are any better tips out there for combatting business re-entry after a break, I'm up for hearing them.

Just picking up on the front page news stories too, such as...

If John Terry's best defence to his woes is going to be 'I get abused every game for alledged affairs I've had with team mates' partners', then it's safe to say he's in for a bumpy court hearing. It's gonna need more than that to stake out the moral highground!

Obama's half brother living in poverty looks worth looking into as well.
Fair play to him for not rocking up onto the White House steps wearing nothing but a big 'Yo bro!' grin and a request for some tangible family tlc!

And all of this in just 4 days!

I still think breaks of any sort are brilliant for providing a bit of high quality solution-to-home business-problems time and well worth the hassle of re-entering the business but I'll let you know more about this over the next few days!