Arts Crafts and Gifts for Valentine's Day



Happy Monday bubs!


We are preparing our Valentine's celebration with lots of give-aways and prizes for our members. We'll be telling you all about them in the next few days and if you connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, there are many more prizes to be had. Keep an eye on our competition page too!

So we are kicking off this week by asking members to tell us if their Home Business involves Arts and Crafts, Handmade cards, Floristry or maybe you are a Chocolatier.

We are putting together a Pinterest board for Valentine's Day. Not familiar with what that is? Pinterest is an online pinboard which grabs pages from the web and let's you assign them to a designated board, i.e, Valentine's Day Gifts. We want our members to send us their Website link so we can add their Valentine's Gifts and ideas to our board for all to see!

It's a very visual way of getting your Business noticed online and Pinterest is a very Popular tool for people and Businesses to browse.

What this means for you is that you'll have a page (or more) of your Website visible on another platform, which can be browsed by anyone with a Pinterest account, and with 3.2M unique users as reported last November in TechCrunch, that is a tool not to be ignored.


Send us your Website URLs either here with a short description of your Business. We'll have a good nosey around your site, and get pinning.

Any questions about how to get your Brand or Business noticed online send us a message here

Let's get pinned!

Ciao for now!