Are Women becoming the Bread winners?

Over the past few weeks the internet has seem flooded with articles about women's roles within business. Maybe in the run up to International Women's Day or maybe just purely by economic activity. Whatever the reasons for the noticeable influx of information and statistics, you have to pay attention.

Last week an article from the National Post (Canada) reported a increase growth of earnings in North American women to be nearly twice the rate of men's. As well as 60% of university students now being female. The percentage of working wives out- earning their husbands' has increased from 23.7% in 1987 to 37.7% in 2009.

Women entrepreneurs Pew Reasearch Centre Publications Study showed that in 1970 the percentage of married couples where the wives' earnings exceeded the husbands' was 4%, in 2007 it had climbed to 22%. This gradual increase suggests it's not a trend which is likely to fade away any time soon.

In an article by Market Watch, KeyBank has reported surpassing their goal to lend $3 billion to women owned businesses 3 months ahead of schedule. The programme started in 2009 with a 3 year goal to lend the figure by April 2012, but actually met the target by December 2011. The Key4Women programme provides access to capital as well as tailored financial solutions, educational and networking opportunities across 14 states in the U.S.

It's not just the U.S which has seen an economic and potentially anthropological change. Many countries around the world are now recognising this fact and more and more opportunities are being presented. From the US economic assistance for Female Entrepreneurs to help Tunisia through a Women's Entrepreneurship Programme, to recognised international events such as the IWD (International Women's Day) on March the 8th.

There's no doubt that times are changing but what does it mean for the dynamics between men and women?

What will these shifts in the economy and within these dynamics do on a socio-economic scale?

Tell us your thoughts below or feel free to start a discussion of your own in your blog.



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