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home business hiking holidays

With summer holidays over it's back to school and back to business again. So this month's iHubbub newsletter has great stuff bubbling under the home business hood.

Check out the prizes (worth £2000) to be won in our survey to see if home working improves your love life. Find out more details and how to enter.

You can also get your hands on a Free iPad Mini plus Business toolkit with an Everline loan.

We'd also like to help you receive a hike in Christmas traffic and don't forget to browse through our home business gift ideas.

September's Topical Interests

A few things that may interest you:
Win an iPad Mini
Home working improves your health
New Home Business Products
Unique Retreats
Cultural activities
Writing advice
Much needed Freelance Services

Buy and Sell in our iStore. Check out our guidelines here!

Christmas Is On The Horizon

Get your iStore Christmas Presents listed in the next week to be sure they are featured in our next two newsletters of the year leading up to the festive rush! They must be listed before the 25th September to be included.

We're also building a comprehensive Christmas Gift Guide for home business owners so browse through our list of fab gift ideas and stocking fillers.

Get A Hike In Google Traffic

Do you need to get your website optimised before Christmas so Google can send much needed Christmas sales traffic? Take advantage of a spike in traffic before Christmas with loads of checklists and to-dos on how to get website traffic and tackle digital marketing with Pimp My Site. And you won't be puffed out from the hike!

One last chance to get this amazing little helpful guide for a drop dead FIVER for today only. Be quick, the price goes back to normal at midnight!

Take A Hike And Head For The Hills

Some home business owners may be only just heading off for holidays with no kids in tow. If you're taking a cycling holiday or hiking find some suitable hiking kit.

Okay, let's knuckle down and get back to business ...

Free iPad Mini plus Business toolkit with an Everline loan

Free iPad Mini plus business toolkit with an Everline loan

Have you considered finance when planning your business growth? An Everline business loan can help to solve your small business finance needs.

Everline lets you choose how much your business wants to borrow, and for how long – up to 52 weeks.

Plus, for a limited period Everline is offering a valuable extra with every approved loan. A free iPad Mini plus an amazing suite of business tools worth £1,200 - provided by leading small business partners including Scoot, Goodprint, FreeAgent, Mopowered and

Offer available to UK based limited companies and LLP’s only.

Interested? Click here to find out more.

Home Working Improves Your Health

Working from home has many health benefits as both Rupert and Gillian have found out.

While working as a Receptionist and Admin Assistant Gillian Robson, from Winlaton Mill in Tyne and Wear, was taken ill with high blood pressure.

Unbeknownst to her Gillian had actually suffered two minor heart attacks! Read Gillian's home business story.

And although Rupert Patterson now runs his own self employed business from home it has been a tough and long journey battling CFS, also known as ME, to get to this point. Read Rupert's story.
iStore Products
Get Listed Now And Have Your Home Business Products Featured Next Month

Luxury Horse Rope
A3 Tennis Volley Print
Turquoise black bike lamp shade
Boys' Height Chart
Stick-on Stensils
Luxury ropes made from marine grade braided polyester. 
A3 Tennis Volley Print
Tennis Volley art print inspired by Wimbledon Tennis.
Bike Lamp Shade
Handmade & handprinted - no designs are identical.


Height Chart
Design includes truck, train, lorry and fire engine.


Stick-on Stencils

Soft, flexible stencils specifically designed for curved and flat smooth surfaces.


iStore Freelance Services
Get Listed Now And Your Freelancing Services Will Be Featured Next Month
 Book Reviews Video Production
Numerology Reading
Ghostwriting Services
Media Training
1 guaranteed book review, posted to any site & an email list of 50 Amazon top reviewers.
Video Production
We produce videos, podcasts, blog-posts and articles, which tell your story in an exciting and creative way.
Price on enquiry
Numerology Reading
Find out more about your Numerology Profile.


Ghostwriting Services
Informational ebooks, business books, and fiction of up to 50,000 words.


Media Training
Our bespoke courses will greatly increase your confidence in your ability to handle the media.

Price on enquiry

How To Self-Publish Your Own Books
The Broken World

On Herring Cove Road: Mr Jew And The Goy Boy

The Spoilt Brat's Guide
The Queen's Blade - Book 1

The Broken World

On Herring Cove Road

  The Spoilt Brat's Guide

Proof Edit Write's Blog

Bucket List Activities

Find out more at My Glory Ride

 Visit the Lizard Peninsula

 Discover The Cornish Coastline

  Danube Impressions

Visit The Lizard Peninsula

Discover The Cornish Coastline

Danube Impressions

Secret Retreats
Find out more at Secret World Retreat
 Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort

Raithwaite Estate Country Retreat

  Surf Goddess Retreats 

Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort

Raithwaite Estate Country Retreat

Surf Goddess Retreats

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