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At Silberstein, Awad and Miklos, P.C., we endeavor to fulfill the top-notch standards of performance, service, and ethics, certifying that we handle our clients' legitimate issues with compassion and efficiency. We employ Queens personal injury lawyers who dedicate themselves to all of our clients. Our record before both preliminary and appellate courts reflects this commitment to excellence.

Medical malpractice is the point at which a healthcare provider treats a patient in a way that goes amiss from accepted medical standards, bringing about damage to the patient. Most medical malpractice cases are brought under the hypothesis of negligence. In the event that you or somebody you adore was hurt because of a healthcare provider's careless actions or medical slip-up, it is important to get familiar with your privileges and speak with a learned lawyer. Contact our Queens medical malpractice Attorney today.

The legitimate group of professional lawyers at Silberstein, Awad and Miklos can help you comprehend your lawful rights and whether you have a claim for the damage caused you. We control clients all through the process – posing the correct inquiries, requesting answers, and collecting all evidence. Let our lawyers battle for you.

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