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As of 10am, Tuesday 10th April 2012, I will be celebrating 40 years since I first walked through the doors of E P Mallory & Son at 5 Old Bond Street in Bath to become a Junior sales assistant and take the first steps to becoming a jeweller.

Create A Successful Website

Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author of Create A Successful Website, Paula Wynne encour

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Your Home Office

Learn how to save energy and money in your office. Awareness can reduce your home office carbon footprint and give you assurance that you are doing your bit to help the environment.

You can sign by filling in details at www.energysavingtrust.org.uk or call your local Energy Efficiency Advice Centre on 0800 512 012.

Mums returning to work DO have a choice

Leigh Hunt tells iHubbub that there is no more profound a career change than the transition from woman to mum and essentially - businessmum!

If you're a mum, it's likely that the birth of your first child has caused you to reassess your career and to check how it aligns with your new role as a mother.

How to Set up a Home Office

Check out our Seven Top Tips on how to set up a work station to work from home.

Set up your computer, files and phone to give you maximum comfort for long hours. Have enough plug points for PC, printer, phone, scanner, mobile charger, fax machine and answer phone. Even better get an all in once mod con to save on a jumble of cables and wires.

Making Childcare Work for Working Mums

Successful Childcare Author Georgina Walsh, author of the book How to Find the Childcare Your Child needs.

Once you have found your childcare you need to ensure it works for you. Work in Peace If you have in-home childcare you must be clear to your childcarer and children that you need peace in which to work. Constant interruptions will disrupt your concentration, and a squawking toddler in the background does not sound professional when on the phone!

Essential Prep For Starting A Business

Before you start up a home business you need to spend time planning, researching and brainstorming. Set short and long term goals and objectives for your home based business, freelance consultancy or website business to steer you in the right direction.

Pitching Your Book To The Media

As a writer, author, actor or website owner you need to keep a constant watch out for media opportunities and publicity angles. When you pitch your book or website to the media be sure to follow our guidelines.

Providing World Class Customer Service: 10 Top Tips

What is world class customer service? It is a question that I am sure many people will have varying opinions on but all will lead to the same thing – making customers’ lives easier and giving them an experience that helps them.

How to Sell Shares Without Going Public

If selling shares to the public is your company's ultimate funding strategy, you might consider less costly methods first.

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