Work from Home with Skype

Work from Home with Skype

Whether you plan to work from home, have a home based job or run a business at home, when it comes t

Make Skype calls without a computer
You don’t always need to be connected to your computer to use Skype. Cordless handsets simply plug into your computer’s USB port and allow you to make Skype calls from anywhere in your house or office.
Skype Certified™ cordless handsets

Make Skype your own
Change the way you look to the rest of the world by adding a personalised avatar that looks just like you. You could also add a new ringtone or play games with your friends. You’ll need to buy a little Skype Credit to pay for items. Start personalising now.

Staying safe online is important.
You can accept or deny any request from other Skype users asking you to join their contact list.
Open Skype and click the Tools > Options > Privacy, and set your preferences for receiving communications.
Handy tip: Your online status is set automatically. To change it yourself, click the green tick symbol at the bottom of the Skype window.

Communicate with Many People at Once
Set up a conference call with up to ten people for business or pleasure. Communicate with many people at once. Or use Skype to have a group chat with up to 100 people at once. Need to add more people to your contact list? Spread the love and get your colleagues to use Skype as well. Tell your colleagues about Skype

Organising your contacts into groups
Sorting your contacts into groups allows you to send group messages, as well as easily organise group chats and conference calls. Import your Outlook™ contacts into Skype. Then send any Outlook™ contact a message to download Skype. View Outlook™ contacts in Skype.

Tools for business users
Use the quick and easy web-based Business Control Panel to:

* Allocate credit to employees. Communicate with home workers through Skype
* Centrally manage SkypeIn numbers.
* Auto-recharge feature.
* Print consolidated invoices.
* Sign up for free or find out more

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