Start-up Interview: Remote Employment

Start-up Interview: Remote Employment

An amazing 3,4 million people in the UK work from home and many more millions have flexible employme

Since founding Remote Employment in January 2008, Paula has already been recognised as a pioneer in her field. She has been awarded for her business efforts to understand and reduce their impact on the environment and society by BT Business and charity Global Action Plan. In addition, she participated in the FreshIdeas Events competition for a mentor and was awarded, as one of ten promising businesses, a mentor in the form of Karen Darby, founder of comparison site simplyswitch. Karen will mentor and guide Paula for the duration of six months to achieve her business goals.

In our start-ups series, we talked to Paula about her company and her mentor.
How did you come up with the idea of Remote Employment?

We, Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne, launched earlier in the year after finding a gap in the recruitment market for flexible home workers. We came up with the idea for the business after Paula (a freelancer and mum looking for flexible work from home) was looking for a site that offered outsourcing opportunities and Ken (a corporate employer) was looking for a site to source home workers or freelancers. Remote Employment is the result of their shared vision and answers the squeeze’s flexible working policies.

We launched in February this year and we offer resources, guidance and jobs for people wanting to work , flexibly, work remotely or work from home, as well as home business opportunities.
How did you fund it?

We funded it ourselves! We believed in it that much ...
What makes you different from other players in that sector?

Remote Employment is dedicated to flexible working options, remote working, jobs working from home, home business opportunities and home based franchises. We are number one in the remote working sector as we only have these types of jobs on our site. We are also unique in that we provide advice and resources to help people finding jobs working from home, remote jobs and setting up a home business.
What do you want to achieve with Remote Employment?

We want to be the authority on remote working and flexible jobs working from home. We are inspired and passionate about the remote employment culture and even in these depressed economic times we believe people should now be looking for alternative ways of working or consider starting up a home based business utilising their skills and experience.

In the same vein, employers should be looking at downscaling staff to part time, flexible or remote working instead of complete redundancies. They should also be considering outsourcing because there is a huge pool of very talented people looking for work. Remote Employment offers both employers and job seekers advice and guidance in these and many other articles.

What have you learned from the mentoring competition and how can others learn from your experiences?

The FreshIdeas Events mentor competition reinforced our belief in the remote and home working concept and we believe we are on the edge of a work place revolution. Many companies are starting to consider flexible working options and we are excited to be involved in the remote working culture. It was a huge thrill to be awarded Karen Darby as my mentor and work with her to grow and develop Remote Employment. If there is any woman out there who wants to start her own business, yet holds back, I say GO FOR IT! It is about being confident, brave and taking control of your own destiny. Sometimes it can be terrifying going alone or starting up a small business but if you have a great passion for your belief you can climb mountains. Entering this competition reassured me that Remote Employment is a brilliant concept and working with Karen is inspiring me to go out there and make it happen for Remote Employment.

Karen and Paula have started their mentoring sessions already

Why did you want a mentor and what are your experiences so far?

I stumbled upon the competition on the net and when I saw the fabulous line up of women mentors, I couldn't resist entering. Our team at Remote Employment believes we have a wonderful concept and to know that the competition organisers and Karen Darby agreed, is great news for us and Remote Employment.

Karen and I have met already and we are already starting to see results from her inspiration and guidance!